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Our Love For Others

Here at Simply Your Candle Company, our love for people and pets motivates us day in and day out. With that being said, we aim to lend a helping hand to anyone who has fallen on hard times.

How We Help


We donate a portion of the proceeds stemming from all candle sales to a local Lincoln County non-profit animal rescue. This non-profit works in conjunction with our local non-kill animal shelter to find forever homes for our furry friends.

The Environment

Here at Simply Your Candle Company, we strive to impact the environment as little as possible. For this reason, all of our products are crafted with sustainably harvested ingredients whenever possible. We also encourage you to recycle our containers you receive your orders in. For instance, reuse or recycle the box we used to ship. We also ask that you repurpose or recycle the candle containers so that they don't go to waste. The packing peanuts we use when shipping our orders are non-toxic and biodegradable materials such as wheat and corn starch. They dissolve in water and can even be added to your compost bin.

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